Name stage criminal history recidivism defendant demographics victim demographics hispanics data instance size sample geographic resolution years maintained license
NSDUH crime no no yes n/a yes survey responses ~ 50K general population national 1979 – ongoing Yes public domain
NVCS crime → arrest no no yes yes yes survey responses 240K (persons) general population National 1979 – ongoing yes public domain
Pathways crime → 7 years later yes yes yes yes yes repeat interviews and official records 1354 youth offenders local (multi) 2000 – 2003 No public domain1
OPP incident → arrest (partial[1]) no no yes n/a partial2 pedestrian and vehicle stops 200M+ general population3 local (multi) 2000 – 2020 Yes ODC-BY 1.0
CPII incident no no partial2 no no recorded incidents 20 X (10K - 1M) general population3 local (multi) 2018 yes varies
NIBRS incident → arrest no no yes yes partial2 recorded incidents 3M – 7M (p/a) general population3 national (part) 2011 – ongoing yes public domain
UCR arrest no no partial4 no no arrests (aggregate) ~ 18K (p/a) arrestees national (part) 1995 – ongoing yes public domain
COMPAS charge → 2 year later partial5 yes yes no yes criminal charges ~ 10K arrestees local 2016 yes not specified
Neulaw charge → deposition partial5 no yes no estimate6 criminal charges 22.5M+ arrestees local 1977 – 2014 no public domain
VCSC charge → deposition yes yes yes no no criminal charges ~ 23K arrestees local 2017 yes not specified
JUSTFAIR trial no no yes no yes court records ~ 600K arrestees national 2001 – 2018 no public domain
SPI prison no no yes no yes survey responses ~ 25K (in 2016) prisoners State 1974 – 20167 no public domain
LEMAS n/a n/a n/a officer demographics   yes survey responses ~ 3K police agencies sub-county 1987 – 20167 no public domain
CPD n/a n/a n/a officer demographics   yes officers, units, complaints, use-of-force reports 35K, 105K, 109K, 10.5K all Chicago PD officers local 2017 – 2019 no MIT
PIRUS n/a yes no yes no yes data on individuals ~ 2200 radicalized individuals national 1948 – 2018 yes public domain
  1. Some variables are restricted. 

  2. Only included in data from some agencies.  2 3

  3. Members of the general population that have had contact with law enforcement.  2 3

  4. Only in aggregate form. 

  5. Only prior offending within the same locality are included.  2

  6. Ethnicity is estimated based on name. 

  7. Data collection was done in irregular intervals.  2